Generally, the broadest scope of protection will be obtained by registering your trade mark with standard characters, i.e. words, letters and numbers without any particular typeface or colour(s) etc.

However, if a stylised version of your trade mark is considered to be particularly important (or if the standard character version cannot be registered) then please upload the image here (max file size is 1MB). A “stylised” trade mark consists of something more than merely words, letters, numbers - or a combination of those - without claiming any particular font, colour, design, style, etc. The famous Nike swoosh logo is an example of a purely stylised trade mark. If your trade mark falls into this category please leave the search box blank and click the search symbol. NB: our search algorithm is unable to search purely stylised trade marks and therefore no search results will be displayed prior to completing your purchase.

Some stylised trade marks also include a combination of words and/or letters and/or numbers. The famous Coca-Cola logo is an example. If your trade mark falls into this category please also insert the particular combination of words and/or letters and/or numbers in the search box before or after uploading the image. This will ensure that our search algorithm performs an appropriate search.


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